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We started Mêlée Convergent Media in order to take a centralized approach to challenges faced everyday in the business world. We are a one stop shop that creates effective solutions to increase market exposure and revenue and overall business efficiency. We eliminate the need for companies to use multiple vendors for their business solutions. We pride ourselves on our work and a commitment to client satisfaction.

[mey-ley]: fight or struggle among several people.

[kuh n-vur-juh nt]: characterized by convergence; tending to come together; merging.

[mee-dee-uh]: the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely.

Greg Wellman

Managing Director

Greg supervises overall direction of the firm, product development and client campaign strategies. Versed in a variety of programming languages and applications Greg oversees the majority of client projects. Before starting Mêlée, Greg served as Marketing Director for the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra, Marketing Manager for Wells Fargo Bank and is also published author. Greg also serves as President of the Sacramento Public Relations Association.

Nancy Matranga

Lead Enterprise Solutions Architect MBA, MIS

Nancy Matranga has over 15 years of experience in the software industry. At Melee her focus is on custom database design, development, implementation of ERP / CRM systems, general business strategies, software implementation, custom software solution development, integration development, and analytics. Her education includes an MBA and MIS from Saint Mary’s College.


Our Culture

We are a small team, that enjoys complex problems. We work with our clients to solve them and then celebrate our victories.

Our Portfolio

We have worked with companies large and small around the world

Below are some clients we have worked with and the services we have provided them with.

Vince Duffy - Duffy and Capitolo Public Affairs

Melee Convergent Media has be an invaluable resource to our company and campaigns.

Orsolya Endrefi - Director Legalis Global Emerging Markets

Here’s a BIG official THANK YOU and to let you know the site looks AWESOME!! LOVE IT!

Remy Carpinito - CEO Campus Tap

Melee has helped me get Campus Tap off the ground… If you are looking for a full stack dev shop, look no further

Our Services

We offer a variety of services across a multitude of platforms.

Melee is a full service digital strategy firm. We provide companies with streamlined solutions. As you can see we offer a variety of services including: website development, ERP software and database consulting, digital advertising, marketing, branding, and design. You will get exceptional service and a better rate.

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Data Services

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Mobile Integration

IOS and Android

B2B Data Services

Facilitation, Processing and Delivery

Business Software Solutions

Enterprise Software Customization

Business Workflow Management

ERP Consulting: Support and Implementation

Eleanor Roosevelt

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

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